A Sugar-Free Two Thousand One Three

(Sorry. It’s the only way I could get it to rhyme.)

I can’t remember the last time someone gave me a New Year’s Resolution, but Susan has declared that in 2013, our house will be “sugar free”. It’s no secret that Susan and I have both struggled with our weight for years and years, and […]

Hard Rock Cafe

Saturday before the show, Susan, myself, Tim and Dawn met for a pre-show dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. If you’ve not been to one, the Hard Rock Cafe is a chain of restaurants that combines lots of rock and roll memorabilia with good (but slightly overpriced) food. I’ve been to Hard Rock Cafes […]

Hash House A Go Go

Located in the Imperial Palace just off the Las Vegas strip is the Hash House A Go Go. According to the website there are seven locations nationwide, five of which are in Las Vegas. (The other two are in San Diego and Chicago.) The four of us (myself and Susan and our friends Tim and […]

Happy Birthday to Me!

Thirty-nine years old. Who would have ever thought.

My Mom baked every one of my birthday cakes that I can remember. Thirty years ago today, she made this one for me:

“Happy Birthday, Robbie.” (That’s me.) By the nine candles on the cake I can tell you this was in 1982. The action figure […]

Eating at Five Guys for Free (My Charmed Life) #FiveGuys #OKC

One night last week while Susan and Mason were in Washington DC, Morgan and I had dinner at Schlotzsky’s. While there, we noticed a sign for a brand new Five Guys Burgers just across the street. “We’ll have to go there with Mommy and Mason next week,” we said. Unbeknownst to us, Susan and Mason […]