"Yesterday seems as though it never existed , " Death greets me warm, now I will just say good-bye." -Metallica, "Fade to Black"

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Podcast News and Consolidation!

When I started my first podcast (You Don’t Know Flack) back in 2008, I envisioned it as a complete package. I stood up a separate webpage and WordPress installation for it (podcast.RobOHara.com). I also created a dedicated email address and Facebook page for the show as well. The late 2000s were all about branding.

Time […]

Podcast Mania

While the blog’s been more quiet than usual lately, I’ve recorded several podcasts over the past couple of weeks — two of which came out yesterday, in fact.

On the latest episode of You Don’t Know Flack I talk about the dedicated emulation PC I recently put together for our living room. It’s more of […]

Weekend Updates

Over the weekend I updated the States! section of the website. If you have not checked it out, it’s a list of every states I have ever visited with lots of pictures and mini-stories. In 2013 I added or updated Missouri, Illinois, Indianapolis, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Toronto (Ontario), Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. In […]

Recent Podcast Appearances!

I’m home from Denver after attending the Kong Off 3. What a fun weekend! I’ll be writing more about it tomorrow, but to hold you over until then, here are a few recent podcasts I’ve appeared on.

You Don’t Know Flack Episode 145: About Podcasting Episode 145 of You Don’t Know Flack is all […]

I’m Recording a Podcast about Recording Podcasts and Need Your Input!

For my next episode of You Don’t Know Flack, I’ll be covering the topic of recording podcasts. I’ve written a loose outline for the show and I have lots of opinions to share on how I do things, but they’re just my opinions. If you currently record a podcast, I’d like to include your […]

Two New Podcast Appearances!

On the latest episode of Throwback Reviews, Ferg from the Atari 2600 Game by Game Podcast dropped by to chat with Sean and I about (what else) the Atari 2600! In this episode the three of us talk about some of our favorite games, some of our least favorite games, how we started collecting Atari […]

Throwback Reviews Podcast: Forts, Wars & Bikes

We’re getting into a rhythm over at the Throwback Reviews. It’s not a hard set schedule, but lately Sean, Door and I have been alternating between movie reviews and what we’ve started calling “throwback episodes”. On the throwback episodes, the three of us sit around the mic and reminisce about some topic from our poast. […]

Throwback Reviews Podcast: Goonies (1985)

On this week’s show, Sean, Door and I talk about the classic 1985 film The Goonies. We talk about our own adventures as kids a bit as well, and whether or not we think today’s generation of kids can even relate to a film like The Goonies.

We are still tweaking the show’s formula, […]

New Throwback Reviews Podcast: Thrashin’ (1986)

Are you team Dagger or team Ramp Local?

In the latest episode of Throwback Reviews, Sean, Door and I discuss the 1986 film Thrashin’. I can’t tell you how many times I rented and watched this movie back in the 80s when skateboarding was king. When our local video rental store went out of […]

Cameo Appearance on The Retroist Podcast

On the latest episode of The Retroist’s podcast, I have a brief cameo doing another “Talking Tech” segment. This episode is about the 1981 Gary Coleman film “On the Right Track,” which takes place (mostly) in Chicago’s Union Station, with several scenes shot in an arcade that was there at the time. During my short […]