"Scary's on the wall. Scary's on his way." -Alice in Chains, "We Die Young"

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FBI vs. Apple vs. You

Shortly before entering the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California and opening fire, killing 14 people and injuring another 20, the shooters — Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik — discarded their cell phones laptop’s hard drive. While the hard drive has not been located, the cell phones turned up in a dumpster near […]

Change your (everything) Password — Introducing the Heartbleed Bug

If you think you don’t need to read this post, you definitely need to read this post.

Heartbleed is a security vulnerability that was discovered this week. It probably affects you. First, the five W’s:

Who: Anyone who uses the web and uses https links. That’s probably you. What: Heartbleed is a vulnerability that allows […]

A Resurgence of Interest in eCoder Ring

A lot of things just happened when you clicked on this article. Your computer connected to my computer, and each of these words I wrote zipped across the internet to their destination. Since this article contains words like encryption, NSA, and secret codes, it probably flagged something for the NSA along the way — you […]

Removing Malware from my own Site

A few months ago I spun up a new website, SpriteCastle.com. There’s no real content there yet — it’s more of a proof of concept site at this point. Last night after finishing up the latest episode of You Don’t Know Flack I decided to do some tweaking to the Sprite Castle. When I opened […]

YDKF Episode 119: Hohocon ’94

Another week, another episode.

Episode 119 of You Don’t Know Flack is about Hohocon — specifically Hohocon ’94, the last Hohocon and the only one I attended. Hohocon was a hacker conference that ran for 5 years in a row, from 1990 to 1994. It was put on by dFx, the Cult of the Dead […]

Deconstructing the PS3 Hack

Last week at the 27th annual Chaos Communication Congress (CCC), a group calling themselves “fail0verflow” displayed the single-most important PlayStation 3 hack to date. A few months from now, when everybody who wants one has a modified PS3, you’ll be able to point your finger back to fail0verflow’s CCC presentation and say, “that is where […]