Archive for November 5th, 2012

Due to high (read: none) demand, I have created a new area of the website in which I track every states I’ve ever visited! There’s a link to it over on the left hand side now — or, you can simply click here).

To date, I’ve been to 41 of the 50 states (not including DC or the few times I’ve been out of the country). I spent a few hours Sunday creating a short entry for each state I’ve visited. For each one I noted the first and last time I had visited the state, and included pictures where possible. A few of them (about five, I think) I have only driven through and I debated whether or not to include them at all. In the end I did.

As future travels take me to new states (or back to old ones), I’ll post about them on the blog and update that repository at the same time. One thing I will do now is try to find interesting things to stop and see or do in every state I visit from now on.