"Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer." -Mark Twain

Right. Back to it.

After a month and a half off, today is my first day back to school.

At the graduate level, nine credit hours is considered full time enrollment. I’m taking ten in the form of Young Adult Fiction Writing, Writing the Screenplay, and Theories of Professional Writing. I have no idea if I can handle this much school in one semester while juggling things at home and things at work. It will be fun and exciting for us all to see what I fail at first.

Last semester I submitted roughly a dozen short stories to various online magazines and journals. It took a while, but the last rejection slip finally came in this past weekend, right around the time I got the bill for next semester. I hope all of the time and money invested in this dream pays off someday.

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2 comments to Right. Back to it.

  • Mom

    The only way you can’t fail is if you don’t try. You’ve already succeeded as far as I’m concerned. Of course, I’m prejudiced!

  • Boatofcar

    Just curious–if you never make it big as an author (or make it “medium”) will you consider your time (and money) at OSU a waste?