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I know I said I wasn’t going to start updating this blog until tomorrow (1/1/2008), but I’ve been spending so much time thinking about what I plan on discussing in this blog over the next year that I decided to jot down a few of my ideas.

One thing I’ve been thinking a lot about is the Commodore 64 and all the neat new devices that continue to be released for the little beige box. There are cables and devices available today that allow you to hook your C64 up to your PC and use its hard drive. The 1541-III is a drive that connects to the C64 and uses SD cards for storage. The 1541-III reads D64 images (the defacto format used for Commodore emulators) on a real C64. I ordered mine on December 6th; it hadn’t arrived yet, but when it does, you can bet I’ll be reviewing that puppy here. There are also reports of a similar device, the 1541-Ultimate, that even supports multiloader games. When those become available, I’ll be ordering one of those as well.

This year I plan on getting more hands with the arcade hobby. I have 22 arcade games now and every one of them could use something. From paint to body work to electronic work, there’s no shortage of projects awaiting my (lack of) handiwork.

One of the things I enjoy writing are “how to” articles. I don’t necessarily invent the techniques I document, but I think I have a way of organizing thoughts and clarifying issues that make my articles easy to understand. I’ve got some upcoming networking projects that I think people might find interesting.

I plan on talking more about retrogaming this year, covering MAME, DosBox, and even gaming on virtual machines. Expect a few VMware-related articles as well.

Ok, enough talking about what I’m going to be writing about. Time to start writing!

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