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Didn’t Think of That

In my book Invading Spaces I talked about moving arcade games. I talked so much about moving arcade games that I devoted an entire chapter to the topic of moving arcade games. I described every possible way I could think of to move an arcade games. Then my friend Drew Stone posted these pictures online and I realized … you can’t think of everything.

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2 comments to Didn’t Think of That

  • I was just trying to figure out how to move machines by myself (so I could sneak some more of them home) and this seemed to be the safest option (for both me and the games). :D
    I wrapped a ratchet strap around the machine and hooked it to the tops of the forks on the tractor. I’ve also got a block of memory foam that I use as a cushion if I need to put the side art up against the back of the forks. I take it nice and slow and do my best to avoid bumps that might cause the artwork to rub or the tractor to tip. The tractor is heavy enough to move most standard uprights without any issues, but if the game is larger, I’ll attach our brush hog to the back to act as a counterweight.

  • Dean

    get some excersice you lazy little shit! ;-)