More Xmas Goodies

My apologies for the barrage of Christmas videos; last year Morgan was a wide-eyed doe at Christmas time. This year, she’s totally into it. Today at the auditorium at work, she (along with her class) sang “I’m Getting’ Nuttin’ for Christmas” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” We’re not sure why all the kids were hopping, but apparently Morgan started it.

Immediately after the performance, Morgan’s class (once again) got to meet with Santa. I don’t know if you caught it on yesterday’s video, but yesterday Morgan asked Santa for “a coat.” Santa responded with, “Well that would be good with the cold weather we’re having right now.” I wanted to speak up and say, “Okay moron, she HAS a coat, we’re not poor,” but I didn’t. Next year we’ll be getting her some shoelaces and a ham sandwich.

On today’s visit, Morgan pulled my old classic trick: “Mommy, what do I want for Christmas?” Susan’s response was, “a dolly that pee pees,” which makes me think we already have one in a closet somewhere …

No more Christmas programs until next Thursday, so you guys are safe for a few days.

Santa brought me one of my gifts early. Picked this up for $50 last weekend.

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