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Photo Gallery Switch Complete

Over the past few weeks I’ve been slowly moving all of my old photo albums (originally posted using Picasa) and converting them to ZenPhoto. Actually, there is no converting to ZenPhoto — you simply upload pictures to a directory and ZenPhoto creates albums, thumbnails, and everything else. I have no excuse as to why it took a few weeks. I’m fired.

The old photo link has been officially pointed to the new photo directory (http://www.robohara.com/photo). Here are a few albums I added over the weekend:

Our recent visit to Alex, Oklahoma.
Pictures of my upstairs game room.
Random photos of local tornado damage.

ZenPhoto supports albums and sub albums, so things should appear at least mildly organized (I foresee lots of things appearing under “Misc” as time goes on …) As interesting albums are added to the photo gallery I’ll mention them here. If you’re “that” guy, the album does have its own RSS Feed, but you have to think that’s overkill …

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  • Mom

    Mason needs a lesson in how to hold a gun, and the cows need to be taking cover, not interest!