Add Custom Quicktag Buttons to WordPress

For about four years now I’ve been meaning to figure out how to add custom quicktag buttons to the “Add New Post” page on WordPress, and for some reason I just got around last night to researching it. Turns out, it’s really simple to do. To paraphrase Apple, “there’s a plug-in for that.”

Quicktag buttons, located at the top of the “Add New Post” page, are buttons that allow you to quickly insert HTML code into your blog posts. For those of us who spent years coding HTML in Notepad it is no big deal to manually add HTML tags to our posts — however, it gets annoying and repetitive to have to type in the html code to, say, link to a picture. That’s where the Post Editor Buttons plug-in comes in to play.

Simply install the plug-in and you can create your own custom buttons that appear the top of WordPress’ “Add New Post” page. You can add “before” and “after” tags, or simply enter one in the before field (which is what I’m doing). I’m currently running WordPress 2.9 and the plugin works great.

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