"But for now, I'll take shelter deep in the back of my mind." -Life of Agony, "Through and Through"

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Holy Moly it’s the weekend!

Mason’s been walking around the house saying “holy moly!” a lot lately. It makes me laugh every time.

One of the guys in my department quit last week, taking us down from four to three employees. That made for a busy and stressful yet somehow enjoyable week. The cool thing about whenever someone quits is you get to go through everything they used to do and make it “your own”, so to speak. Of course, due to the nature of IT there really no time set aside to do that — end users don’t care who answers the phone, restores their files or reloads their servers, as long as the work gets done. The short version of the story is, the remaining three of us made it through this week and we’ll make it through the next. There’ll be a lot of “trial by fire”, but we’ll make it.

Picked up Jackass: The Boxset last weekend — here’s my review.

I think Dad and I are heading to Tulsa today to check out a Chicago-style diner (and do a little shopping). If we go, no doubt, I’ll post about it later.

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