"Motorbreath, the sign of living fast, it is going to take your breath away." -Metallica, "Motorbreath"

The CVS Mow Clinnic

Look, CVS — I know it’s only a minute clinic, but you might try spending a second minute proofreading your big, bright, electronic sign.

It’s “clinic”, not “clinnic”, and “now”, not “mow”. If you give physicals like you type, count me out.

This isn’t the first typo I’ve spotted at CVS, it’s just the first I happened to get a picture of. I will be keeping my eye on you, big red sign …

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2 comments to The CVS Mow Clinnic

  • Zeno

    Bear in mind that the signage is probably programmed by management, since those who serve in the CVS trenches are probably not trusted by corporate to work with such sophisticated equipment.

  • Kerry

    umm….wow! I fear this is only a sign of the times ahead with people not learning how to spell or proofread anything. I’m sure you’ve noticed the amount of typos and mistakes found within online news articles that have not been proofread or fact-checked (or sadly, have been by someone not qualified) is astonishing…and pisses me off!!! :)