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The Dumbest Cars I’ve Seen This Week

I spotted the “Ford Tempo General Lee” in my neighborhood this past weekend. Seriously. Not only could this piece not outrun Boss Hog’s Cadillac, I’m pretty sure it couldn’t outrun Boss Hog on foot. I suspect the “01” means “on a scale of 01 to 100.” Or maybe, “this car starts shimmying at 01 miles per hour.” Or maybe “this car is unsafe at anything over 01 MPH.” Or maybe even, “I don’t even got 01 hubcap.” Who knows, maybe it’s the selling price.

At what point does a trend go from cool to stupid? Right before this, I think. I have literally seen 4×4 pickups with less clearance than this POS. I have never seen $3,000 worth of wheels and tires on a $500 car before. I laughed so hard when we saw this thing parked at Burger King that I almost caused us to have a wreck in the intersection.

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4 comments to The Dumbest Cars I’ve Seen This Week

  • It’s like the Pimp my ride people only got 20 minutes of work into the 2nd car and then they gave up.

  • Steve

    The “General Lee” car is not a Tempo; the shape of the doors, dash, and C-pillar are all wrong.

    Most likely a Lumina or Corsica.

    Not that it’s a big deal, just setting the record straight.

  • Ray B

    The General Lee is a Chevy Lumina. And The blue Caprice is not a $500 car. They cost quite a bit more than that. Usually for one that nice with no rust is between $3,000 – $10,000 depending on condition and mileage.

  • TC

    Hey, thats not a Ford Tempo… looks more like a Crown Vic– but ya that is REALLY stupid!!!