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A New Year’s Eve First

Susan and I have celebrated New Year’s Eve several different ways together over the past sixteen years, but this year will be a first for us.

New Year’s Eve, Susan is having surgery.

It’s minor laparoscopic surgery and shouldn’t be a big deal, but Susan wanted to have it done this year (2011) for insurance purposes, and so the doctor scheduled her surgery for Saturday — New Year’s Eve.

The original plan was to schedule the surgery at 8am; that way, if Susan was feeling well enough to go home later in the day, she could. The surgery’s been pushed back to 11:30am. Because of this, the doctor suggested Susan should “bring an overnight bag, just in case.” I don’t know how late doctors make rounds on New Year’s Eve, but I’m guessing it’s not very late.

“I hope she gets released early, Doc. Daddy needs his designated driver!” <- example of a joke doctors don't find funny. At least not this one. So, chalk a new one up on the list -- resting in a hospital bed for New Year's Eve. Similar Posts:

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