I Live in a Bird Sanctuary

As I mentioned on Facebook a few weeks ago, a bird has built a nest in the corner of our front porch. Momma Bird stays there pretty much all of the time. Daddy Bird, when he’s there, stays perched on our front porch’s light fixture. I wouldn’t mind it so much, except it is now continually covered in bird poo.

When you open the front door, sometimes the birds scatter up to the gutter and sit there until you walk by before returning to their normal spots.

This morning when Susan and the kids came home from breakfast, they spotted this guy on top of our house.

Here’s a closer picture.

The pond in our backyard commonly hosts lots of geese, but this is the first one we’ve spotted hanging out on top of our house. It’s been an hour or so, and he’s still up there.

My entire roof is going to be white before this is all over, isn’t it?

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