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Tuttle Ice Cream Festival

Saturday was Tuttle’s 21st annual Ice Cream Festival. Somehow we managed to miss the first twenty; this is the first one we’ve ever gone to.

There was a parade at 10am. We missed it. We were going for two reasons: lunch, and dessert.

For lunch, they had the same food trucks that they have at every similar festival of this nature. We split into two groups. From one trailer Dad, Morgan and I got a hot dog, cheese nachos, and an onion burger (respectively). From another trailer, Susan and Mason got an Indian Taco. The kids got a couple of cans of soda for a buck each; Susan and I brought out own water in bottles, which worked in our favor. Bottles of water were $3.

While Susan and the kids checked out the kiddie area, Dad and I walked around the car show. There were 20-25 cars on display, I’d estimate. It only takes going to a couple of car shows a year to start seeing the same ones over and over.

At two different times during the day, we over heard estimates of a “two-hour wait” for ice cream. Now, I thought the ice cream would be free, but when I heard that it was $1.50 for Braum’s ice cream cones, we came up with a plan B. After piling in the car, we drove over to Braum’s, where they sell ice cream cones for $1.35 (including tax). And the wait was around 90 seconds. And we did it in our air-conditioned car, in the drive-thru.

This review came off more negative than I meant it to. The Tuttle Ice Cream Festival wasn’t bad … there just weren’t very many things to do and we didn’t stay very long. Maybe we’ll give it another try next year.

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