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Morgan’s Musical Mysteries

Three random musings from Morgan this week:

01. “I like that song Peaches and Lava.”

I guess I had been listening to 80s music that morning. The song wasn’t “Peaches and Lava.” It was “Egyptian Lover.”

02. “I like that guy, Milli the Willie.”

This one wasn’t too hard to figure out. The only real mystery to this one is, who has been forcing letting Morgan listen to Milli Vanilli? Not I.

03. “I like that song about the Smurfs.”

I’ll admit, this was the toughest of the three to solve. After racking my brain, I could not think of a single modern song that had anything to do with the Smurfs.

After asking a million questions, Morgan remembered that it wasn’t about Papa Smurf, but his friend. Eventually, I cracked the case. Papa Smurf’s friend is “Papa Razzi.”

Papa Razzi, heh.

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