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New Phone Backgrounds

When I got my new phone a few months ago I spent a few hours scouring the internet looking for some new backgrounds to use. I have since decided that it’s more fun to make my own. Here are three that I recently added to my phone.

The first one is a picture that Morgan drew for me last week at daycare. It looks suspiciously like 8-bit pixel art, although Morgan wouldn’t have any idea what that is. It reminded me of the old school days when I would plot out sprites and graphics on graph paper.

The second and third pictures were taken by me while riding shotgun in Susan’s new car and aiming my phone straight up to take pictures through the sunroof.

The middle picture was taken through the sun roof on a sunny afternoon. I actually had to shoot two pictures. The first one randomly caught an overhead power line in the shot.

The third picture (my favorite of the three) was also shot through the sun roof — this time in a car wash.

Below are links to all three pictures in full size. If you view them via your phone’s browser, you should be able to take a screen shot and save them onto your phone and use them as wallpaper. Or, you can do like I did and go make your own!

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