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Moving the Metaluna Mutant

The Chevy Avalanche possesses the ability to convert its rather short 5′ bed into an 8′ one. The process involves (a) scooting the two front seats forward, (b) folding the rear seat forward, (c) removing the truck’s rear window, and then (d) folding the rear portion of the truck’s cab forward. This process, which takes only a minute or two to perform, extends the truck’s hauling area an additional three feet by converting the rear passenger area into an extension of the bed. This seemed like an amazing selling point back when I bought the truck new in 2006. The first time I ever used the feature was last week, when transporting the Metaluna Mutant over to Dad’s house.

As you can see, with the rear of the truck’s cab folded in, the approximately 7′ 10″ tall Mutant fit comfortably in the rear of the truck. I should note that it was below freezing that day. I combated the cold wind entering the rear of the open cab with the truck’s heater blowing just as hard and hot as it could blow.

While Dad was out having lunch the Mutant was sneaked into his house. I am sure this is not his final resting place. I am also sure Dad jumped when he opened the front door and saw a giant Mutant standing in his living room!

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3 comments to Moving the Metaluna Mutant

  • “Honestly, officer, I was just delivering a MU-TANT.”

  • A couple questions:

    Did you dad not know he was getting this until he came home and find it in his living room? I guess what I’m really asking is does he not read your blog?

    Another neat feature of your truck is you have panels that cover the top of the bed so that you can haul stuff without exposing them to the elements. It sucks that you can’t have the rear window in place when in extended bed mode.

  • Rob

    Dad had already seen the alien and knew it was coming. He just didn’t know it would be coming that way and probably didn’t expect to see it in his living room when he returned from lunch that day.

    Also, you actually *can* keep the window in place when converting the bed. It’s kind of a two-part system. I should have made that part a little more clear. You can see a guy converting one at the 1:00 minute mark in this video: