YDKF Episode 121: Thrifting

This week’s episode of You Don’t Know Flack is all about thrifting — shopping at thrift stores, garage sales, antique malls and pawn shops. Throughout this episode I’ll tell you some of the best things I’ve found at these places along with some of the worst. I also talk a bit about what has replaced them (spoiler: online auctions).

The You Don’t Know Flack Podcast now has its own official voice mailbox number. The number is 206-309-9501. If you have comments, feedback or suggestions in regards to the show and don’t feel like sending me an e-mail, call that number and leave me a message. You never know, some messages may end up on a future episode of the podcast!

Also, with this episode of You Don’t Know Flack I have tied last year’s total output. This is the fourth episode of YDKF released in 2013. I only released four episodes in all f 2012. So, this is better! Thank you, butter!

Link: YDKF Episode 121: Thrifting
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2 comments to YDKF Episode 121: Thrifting

  • anonymous

    I am digging all of the podcast so far. keep ’em coming.

  • Fraze

    Flack! LOVED this episode. As a fellow “Thrifter” here in Canada, I too haunt thrift stores on my lunch hour and you couldn’t be more right about scoring once and then striking out for the next 50 trips. I particularly connected with your Commodore monitor story, about 4 years ago my original 1702 died (this is my ORIGINAL monitor that I got with my original C64 and 1541 for Christmas in 1983) .. One lunch hour I walk into Value Village (popular Canadian thrift store) and as I’m walking to the back where the electronics section is, I start to see this ‘beige screen’ on a shelf … it was like one of those movies where everthing goes black and a light shines on a particular spot in the scene, my pace quickened and I B lined for the screen, getting closer I could see it was a 1702. My heart was racing and unlike yourself, I grabbed that baby and checked out for the LOW LOW price of $9.99! That 1702 still glows strong today :D Keep the PodCasts coming!