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New Review of Commodork

Joe Barlow over at SwordOfPixels.com posted a review of Commodork on his website recently (yesterday).

I wrote and published Commodork back in 2006, so it’s always interesting to see new reviews of the book pop up. Joe’s review echoes what a lot of reviews of Commodork have stated, which is essentially that their personal stories of growing up with calling BBSes mirror my own. I have had people in Germany e-mail me just to tell me that they could totally relate to some of the stories in Commodork. I love hearing things like that.

Joe added Amazon links to Commodork at the end of his review, but you can also order signed copies of the paperback ($14.95 + shipping) and DRM-free PDF copies ($2.99) from my own website at the following link: robohara.com/Commodork

Joe’s Review: http://www.swordofpixels.com/2013/07/book-review-commodork-sordid-tales-from.html

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