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Toy Acquired: Prune Face!

Last weekend while out shopping at a toy store with friends, I ran across a vintage Prune Face figure!

The fact that this figure is named “Prune Face” should be a dead giveaway as to how close I am getting to completing my collection of vintage Star Wars figures. To give you an idea how insignificant Prune face was to the Star Wars universe, I spent a solid 10 minutes searching Google for a screenshot of the scene where he appears in Return of the Jedi and couldn’t find one. Later expanded universe novels revealed Prune Face’s real name was Orrimaarko and gave the weird eye patch-wearing character a back story, but to most fans of the movies he remains “that guy that was in the background of that one scene for two seconds.”

This particular figure came with his original hooded robe and a unique gun, both of which can be hard to find.

I haven’t run across a lot of these in the wild, partially because he was one of the later Return of the Jedi figures released, and partly because no kid ever asked his parents to buy him a Prune Face figure. I assume the only Prune Face figures ever sold were to parents who had never seen Star Wars and assumed that this wrinkly, one-eyed character would have been a great addition to their child’s collection. I did not own this figure as a child and, up until five minutes ago, thought he appeared in Jabba’s Palace in the film. (He doesn’t; he appears in the Endor briefing.)

The list has been updated. I need 22 more figures to finish my vintage Star Wars figure collection. At least two of them sell for $100+. The rest are ~$10 figures.

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1 comment to Toy Acquired: Prune Face!

  • Ah, so that’s what he looks like without the hood covering his face! When I saw it at the store in the plastic box, his face was completely covered with the cape and I couldn’t see it (no matter how much I shook it – oops was that wrong of me to shake it?).