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New Custom $2 Raspberry Pi Case

In a previous post I shared what the case my Raspberry Pi came with:

It’s big and dumb. The other day while shopping in Big Lots, I ran across the following item:

(To be honest, I’m not even sure what this thing is meant to do. It looks like it’s a thing that you could put Poptarts in to put them in a kid’s lunch or something. Huh.)

The wheels began turning, and for $2, I had to find out.

Pretty much everything I know about using a Dremmel, I learned from watching television. I know it spins really fast and can cut and grind things. I’m sure this is the part of the project where I’m supposed to provide blueprints and explain my thought process, but… c’mon, $2. Also I bought two of these cases so consider this a rough dry run.

My only real goal was to provide access to all the ports while maintaining the case’s original structure, which consisted of small hinges on one side and a clasp on the other.

Wow, using a Dremmel is kind of hard. I mean, using one is really easy, but making straight cuts is really hard. Once I was done cutting I used a grinding wheel to even up the sides, and a piece of sandpaper to smooth off the edges.

The cuts look pretty amateurish, but the case is completely functional. The last step involved running two small screws through the Pi’s screw holes to anchor the thing in place. Most of the ports are accessible without having to open the case, so that’s a plus. Now that I’m sure everything fits I’m going to take it back downstairs and do a bit more sanding.

This will work until something better comes along. Although it looks pretty terrible it’s so funny that it makes me laugh every time I look at it.

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1 comment to New Custom $2 Raspberry Pi Case

  • Zeno

    I think you nailed it. It’s a Pop-Tart holder. Think about it: You put a pair of Pop Tarts into a lunch bag and odds are good they’re going to get mutilated at some point in the school day. Not that I think a kid would care, he’d still eat it, but parents are funny like this.

    Somewhere in the bottom of a kitchen drawer I think I’ve got a couple of hard cases each about the size of an egg, and shaped specifically for the safe transport of Pringles.