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Painting the Commodore Raspberry Pi Case

When we last saw it, the custom Commodore Raspberry Pi case my friend Aardvark made for me looked like this:

Despite a few people’s suggestion to leave it as is, I always envisioned the case being painted the same color as a real Commodore 1541 disk drive.

To chose the paint color I used the rather unscientific method of strolling through Walmart’s spray paint aisle and picking one by memory that looked close. Commodore 1541 disk drives tended to change color over time, which actually worked to my advantage. I gave the case a light hand sanding with some 200 grit sand paper and shot it with a couple of coats.

After that dried, I taped up the case…

…and shot the front, darker brown square. On a real drive this is the face plate of the drive.

After that dried, I removed the tape and this is what the case looks like.

And, on top of a real drive.

I don’t have the skill set required to add functioning LEDs to the outside of the case (and wouldn’t want chance screwing it up by drilling holes in it) so I may add non-functioning red and green “dots” to the outside of the case (I was thinking “small, flat, round, clear LEGOs” possibly?). I also plan on printing out the small badge that goes on the front soon as well.

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3 comments to Painting the Commodore Raspberry Pi Case

  • Looks good Rob. It does need that little splash of color from the logo rainbow. Post an update when you add the badge. I have a non working Timex Sinclair computer that I think will make a nice case for my Raspberry Pi project when I get around to it.

  • aardvark

    Now that looks awesome! I briefly looked into the led thing but there was no way I was going to make it work. You’re going to get a lot of table traffic at next years OVGE!

  • shadow

    I told you it was more orange.