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Christmas Program / Hornets

Today was Mason’s Christmas program at daycare. The program is put on by four different age groups — the four year olds, three year olds, two year olds and then the OT (older toddler) and YT (young toddler) classes combined. It was like any other Christmas program in any town, USA. The four year olds came out and sang a couple of songs. Mason and the other three year olds came out and sang their three songs: Frosty the Snowman, Jingle Bells and Rudolph. The two year olds jingled bands of bells to a recording of Jingle Bells, and the little kids came out and mostly sat there and cried while Rudolph played.

Our daycare is always looking for fundraisers, so Susan came up with the idea of having Santa come and letting the kids talk to Santa. For $5, they will also get a photo. Since I was planning on videotaping the entire program, I suggested selling DVDs as well. Now they will be selling DVDs of the entire program for $10.

One of my duties (just like last year) is to pick up “Santa” and transport him across the FAA campus to the daycare. And, as last year, after everything was done I took “Santa” back to his building, with Mason in the car. How cool is that? Most kids gets to (at the most) sit on Santa’s lap. Mason gets his undivided attention in the car for a few minutes.

The Oklahoma City Hornets beat Allen Iverson and the Philadelphia 76’ers tonight which is pretty amazing. That takes the Hornets to an 8-7 record. The 76’ers are now 8-9, and are rated #1 in the Eastern conference. It seemed like there were an awful lot of calls that went our way, but I think you’re only supposed to complain about that if you lose the game so I won’t gripe too much.

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