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Morgan’s 2nd Birthday

Although Morgan’s birthday isn’t offiically for another four days, somehow her birthday party got bumped up to this weekend. For her second birthday we opted for the “free birthday party in the park” theme. While that may or may not sound very exciting, the kids had a good time and it served its purpose. We didn’t start inviting friends (other than family members) to Mason’s birthday parties until he was three, so I’m sure next year she’ll have a big to-do. This year we got everybody together around 10am, before it got hot.

For the second half of Morgan’s birthday, the kids, Susan and I went to a new water park just a few miles away from our house. I think they call these things “spray parks” now. They seem to be replacing community pools with these water parks for several reasons: they don’t need to be manned, you can’t drown in one, the water turns off if you don’t continually press a button, etc. Originally I wasn’t going to ride along but when Susan told me what part of town it was in I decided to go so that someone could keep an eye on our car at all times. Fortunately for the half hour or so we were there we were the only people there. When low riders with thumping sound systems began pulling in, we pulled out.

If you’d like to see all 50 or so pictures I took throughout the day, click here.

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