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Rob, meet High-Definition

With the swipe of a credit card, I have officially joined the high definition era. Wednesday, UPS delivered my mail-order 46″ 1080p LCD flat screen television. And by “delivered,” I mean “left me a note for me on my front door telling me to come pick it up.” Oh sure, they’ll attempt to deliver it two more times — during the middle of the day, when obviously I’m at work. Someone should invent a shipping company that delivers packages between 6pm and 10pm. I’ll probably detail my experience with UPS in another post but for now, the focus is my new television. Woo hoo!

At UPS, Susan and I managed to load the bulky (but not particularly heavy, considering its size) box into the back of the truck by ourselves. A couple of tie-down straps later we were barreling down the interstate, racing to get home. While driving, I imagined what might happen if I were pulled over for speeding. “Mr. O’Hara, why were you driving so fast?” “Dude, did you see the television in the back of this truck? I’m trying to get home so I can hook it up and see how it looks!” “Oh wow, would you like an escort? Let me call the guys so they can meet us there!” I have a great imagination.

On the way home, the four of us (me, Susan and the kids) stopped at Taco Bueno for some dinner. And yes, I backed my truck up to the sidewalk and positioned myself inside the restaurant so I could look out the window and keep an eye on everything.

After we got home and got the childrens settled, Susan helped me carry the television into the house. She was nervous about dropping it and so was I (nervous about her dropping it). Fortunately, the short migration was uneventful. I decided to unbox the television in the kitchen — I figured if the screen was scratched or broken, I might as well find out downstairs instead of lugging it upstars, discovering it, and carrying it back down again.

After unboxing the television on the kitchen counter, I hooked up a spare DVD player to it to test everything out. It looks great! By now the kids were getting pretty curious, and as I worked they drug dining room chairs into the kitchen to watch what I was doing, forming possibly the world’s first kitchen home theater. At least we weren’t too far from the popcorn.

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