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Commodork: Sordid Tales from a BBS Junkie is a collection of my stories and memoirs that took place during the classic computer Bulletin Board era. It's what we computer nerds used to do before the World Wide Web existed.

Commodork is broken up into two major sections: the Commodore BBS era and the IBM PC BBS era. In between those two sections is a short break, and of course there's an introduction and a conclusion. Despite the book's relatively technical topic, there isn't a lot of technical jargon contained within. Commodork is more about the people and the experiences than the actual hardware. It's about the adventures that took place during those great years and not necessarily about the computers they took place on.

I had two target audiences in mind while writing this book. The first was my fellow BBS enthusiasts. Those who loved calling BBSes and miss those great times will be able to relate to many of the stories told within this book. The other target audience I had in mind were the kids of today who are familiar with the Internet, yet were born too late to experience the BBS world first hand. I have already heard from several readers who have told me although they were took young to have called bulletin boards, the book "made them feel like they were there" and truly conveyed how exciting those times were.

To find out more about the book, be sure to check out the first chapter which is online in PDF format for free. Just click on the "Chapter One" link to your left, and get to reading!