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Ready to buy your own copy of Commodork? I now have three packages to choose from!

If you are interested in the print version of Commodork (paperback, 167pp) the price is $20 and that includes shipping for US residents and tax). For current shipping rates outside of the US, please e-mail me.).

If you would like to buy both Commodork and my latest book Invading Spaces at the same time, you will receive a $5 discount and the total will be only $35 including shipping. Just think of all the wonderful things you could buy with $5!

For high-tech nerds on the go, I am now offering Commodork in PDF format (instant download) for only $2.99. What a bargain! The PDF version of Commodork contains no DRM or copy protection so you can read it on any device you wish. (When buying the PDF, be sure to click the Return to Merchant to go to the download page.)

If the fancy-schmancy PayPal links above aren't working for some reason, you can send a PayPal payment to me directly at roboharaREMOVE@robohara.com. Remember, shipping costs are only included for US residents only. For international shipping, please e-mail me for a quote.

If you are too old school to use PayPal or are "living off the grid," I accept checks, money orders and cash as well. Please send any of these forms of payment to:

Rob O'Hara
PO Box 851861
Yukon, OK 73085

(Not responsible for missing cash; it's never happened, but you never know.)

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As a rule I sign all books. Generally I write "Thanks," followed by your name. If you are buying the book(s) as a gift for someone else, please tell me so I can sign it to the right person. Nothing says "regifted" like a book with somebody else's name on it.