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Prolific podcaster Guy Hutchison recently asked me to join him on a bonus episode of the Adventure Club Podcast to discuss a favorite topic of the Adventure Club’s, Back to the Future. We were also joined by Paxton Holley (co-host of the Nerd Lunch Podcast and owner of the Cavalcade of Awesome) and Tim Lybarger (who has everything you ever wanted to know about Mr. Rogers posted here).

If you want to hear a bunch of funny guys kicking the Delorean’s tires, here’s the link:

Adventure Club Podcast Extra: Back to the Future Chat 3

Episode 130 of You Don’t Know Flack covers pagers, PDAs, and cell phones. In this episode I talk about the first pager I owned and why I wanted one, the first PDA I owned (the Palm Pilot III), and a few of the cell phones I’ve owned over the years (starting with the Star-Tac). I also tell the story about the time I almost got killed, and how I wish I had owned a cell phone that night.

Due to my current crazy work schedule (which now occasionally includes traveling on the weekends) I missed a week of You Don’t Know Flack. I’ll be working overtime this week to squeeze a bonus episode into the timeline to make the numbers right again.

This episode of You Don’t Know Flack was sponsored by I love it when a sponsor and a show topic come together like this. Vintage Volts is all about retro electronics, from computers to pinball machines, arcade cabinets, and all sorts of things. Pretty much if it’s old and plugs into the wall, Vintage Volts has discussed it. I spent a couple of hours going through all of the posts on the Vintage Volts site over the weekend and there’s some great information posted over there.

You can grab episode 130 of You Don’t Know Flack here. If you subscribe via iTunes, Switcher, Podcast Pickle or any of those places, you probably already have it. If downloads get slow, the show is now mirrored at the Internet Archive as well.

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It’s been a few weeks (apparently) since I announced my new podcast episodes here.

Episode 127 is about BASIC programming. This one has old stories about programming in BASIC, a few new stories about Visual Basic, and some new forks of the BASIC programming language that are still being updated.

Episode 128 is (fittingly) about the Commodore 128. Packed in and around stories about the C128 are a couple of stories about S.A.M., the old voice synthesizer for the Commodore.

Episode 129 is all about the collection of arcade games I owned while I lived in El Reno, Oklahoma. The six machines I owned back then were Elevator Action, Mat Mania, Shinobi, Street Fighter II – Championship Edition, Power Instinct 2, and Star Wars.

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For suggestions, feedback, and criticism, you can e-mail me or leave a message on the official You Don’t Know Flack voice mailbox (206-309-9501).

Finally, we’re back on track with this week’s podcast.

This week’s show is all about the Nintendo Entertainment System — the NES, for short. In this episode you’ll get to hear about how and when I got my first NES and what games I used to play. You’ll also learn about the horrible television I used to own, how I built up my collection of 300+ cartridges, and the exact moment I realized my girlfriend was also my soul mate. I also answer questions from callers about Commodore RAM Expansion Units and the best retro computer to bludgeon someone to death with.

Link: YDKF Episode 123: The CFFA 3000
Facebook: You Don’t Know Flack

Here’s the second post that got gummed up in the system.

Episode 125 of You Don’t Know Flack is all about the video game crash of 1983. “It was a dark and stormy night…” or was it really? In this episode I talk all about the causes of the video game crash of 1983, and why I missed it. From the voice mail box I answer the question, “what’s the worst arcade conversion I’ve ever seen?”

Link: YDKF Episode 125: The Video Game Crash of 1983
You Don’t Know Flack

(Video Game Crash. Get it?)

This podcast is actually two weeks old, but for some reason this announcement didn’t go through.

So, here it is.

Episode 124 of You Don’t Know Flack is a recap of my visit to the new Arkansas retro arcade, Arkadia Retrocade. Our visit to the arcade sure helped cure my case of Pac-Man Fever!

Link: YDKF Episode 124: The Arkadia Retrocade
Facebook: You Don’t Know Flack

(I have no idea why he is pretending to play guitar in this clip.)

Leaping from moderately mainstream to moderately obscure, Episode 123 of You Don’t Know Flack is dedicated to the CFFA 3000, a relatively new card that plugs into vintage Apple II computers and allows retro hobbyists to load virtual disk images and convert physical disks to virtual disk images (and back). I also coin the word “floppycentric” in this episode.

Link: YDKF Episode 123: The CFFA 3000
Facebook: You Don’t Know Flack

What on Earth would anyone use an Apple II for?

Believe it or not I recorded the first episode of You Don’t Know Flack all the way back in 2008. Between then and now the number one requested show topic has been MAME Cabinets. For some reason I cannot explain, I never got around to recording one. That is, until last Sunday.

You Don’t Know Flack Episode 122 is all about MAME Cabinets. In this episode I talk a little bit about what MAME is and a lot about the parts of a MAME cabinet and how to build your own.

I did not receive any voice mails on the brand new super duper YDKF Voice Mailbox last week. The number again is 206-309-9501. Messages may end up being played live on the next episode!

Over the past week and and a half, You Don’t Know Flack has been added to several podcasting sites including Stitcher, the Xbox Live Marketplace (formerly the Zune Marketplace), DoubleTwist and Podcast Pickle. Of course the show is still available via iTunes or the RSS feed on the website. You can find a complete list of podcast links here.

With this episode, I have released five episodes in 2013. To put that in perspective:

2008: 6 Episodes
2009: 1 Episodes
2010: 5 Episodes
2011: 1 Episodes
2012: 4 Episodes
2013: 5 Episodes

I am greatly looking forward to shattering 2008’s record of 6 episodes. I hope you guys will join me on the ride.

Link: YDKF Episode 122: Thrifting
Facebook: You Don’t Know Flack

This week’s episode of You Don’t Know Flack is all about thrifting — shopping at thrift stores, garage sales, antique malls and pawn shops. Throughout this episode I’ll tell you some of the best things I’ve found at these places along with some of the worst. I also talk a bit about what has replaced them (spoiler: online auctions).

The You Don’t Know Flack Podcast now has its own official voice mailbox number. The number is 206-309-9501. If you have comments, feedback or suggestions in regards to the show and don’t feel like sending me an e-mail, call that number and leave me a message. You never know, some messages may end up on a future episode of the podcast!

Also, with this episode of You Don’t Know Flack I have tied last year’s total output. This is the fourth episode of YDKF released in 2013. I only released four episodes in all f 2012. So, this is better! Thank you, butter!

Link: YDKF Episode 121: Thrifting
Facebook: You Don’t Know Flack

Aaaaaaaaaaand the streak continues with another episode of You Don’t Know Flack. Episode 120 is about radio scanners, those little devices that allow you to eavesdrop on all the little conversations floating around us. In this episode I talk about my experiences with scanners and some of the things you can listen to with scanners. I also talk a little bit about how you can now listen to these frequencies using your computer and/or smartphone!

Link: YDKF Episode 120: Radio Scanners
Facebook: You Don’t Know Flack

(Note: The 80 or so people who liked “You Don’t Know Flack” on Facebook got this notice 3 hours ago. Just sayin’ …)