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The Guitar Wall

So there’s this upstairs area in our new house that we’ve been having a hard time figuring out how to use. It’s a dead end hallway at the top of the stairs. We considered putting a couch there, but it basically would just be for looks.

The other day Susan was watching television and saw these guitar wall hangers on one of those home decorating shows. “That’s what we should do,” she said. “Let’s turn it into a display wall for your guitars!”

Susan spent a few minutes taping off the wall. We knew we wanted to paint the wall to make it stand out as a focal point, but were originally undecided on the color. I knew the color I wanted in my head, but I couldn’t find it. It was red with a hint of orange in it.

Susan eventually found the color, ironically named “tomato”. I hate tomatoes, but I sure liked this color! The paint went on rather orange, but darkened up quite a bit after it dried.

By the next (this) morning, the paint had fully dried. The next step involved lying all my guitars down on the carpet and figuring out how far apart the holders should be. We decided on 2′ apart with a staggered height of 18″. I ordered the black metal guitar hangers off for $8/each off of Amazon.com.

Here’s a shot of the wall from the upstairs den. As you can see the wall nearly glows. It’s not quite as orange as it appears in this picture.

Here’s the wall with all the guitars hung and a couple of bean bags thrown in for good measure. None of my guitars are particularly worth anything, but this is a nice, out of the way place to hang them. At the old house they were either on stands and always in the way, or shoved to the back of a closet.

Above is how the wall looks from the stairs, and below …

… is how they look from the living room below. Once again, Susan’s idea turned out to be a great one!

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8 comments to The Guitar Wall

  • Larry Willrath

    Awesome I like it

  • Pat Loisel

    Looks great in the photos and even better in real life! Good job guys (Susan)!

  • liz

    that’s my multi-talented daughter ! ( strutting proudly) :)

    I love it ! it looks great and I can’t wait to be invited to see it !!!!!!!

  • That’s freaking awesome. Looks really good! m/

  • Rob

    Wait ’til I get the computer room done!

  • Bruce Yarbor


    I like that! I like it alot!!!

    Where did the guitars come from? Do you play them? Tell us more.

  • Zachary Hibbard

    Nice guitars! Have an “amp” wall yet?

  • Rob

    @Bruce: I bought the black Ibanez (the Les Paul clone) back in college and started “collecting” them ever since. The white on white Telecaster came from my friend Scott. The red 80s style (“Stinger”) I just bought because I thought it looked cool. I used the Fender Precision bass for recording. I got the Peavey guitar as part of a trade toward a motorcycle and the all black left handed Jackson is my son’s.

    I picked up two more wall mounts so I may add a couple more guitars someday. I’d really like to have a Warlock or some other kind of B.C. Rich up there.